Wild Video Shows Guard Dog Chasing Shark Away From Shoreline

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: Storyful Rights Management)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A wild video surfaced online Friday showing a guard dog jumping into the water and chasing a shark away from the shoreline in Australia.

Yes, you read that correctly. It all went down in the waters off the coast of Queensland, when Jack Strickland of Back 2 Basics Adventures was out on the water filming footage of a shark that was swimming very close to the shore line, per Fox News in a post on Instagram.

In the clip posted on YouTube, we first spot the shark swimming by in the very low-level waters when all of the sudden a dog named “Tilly” jumps into the water and chased right after that shark. (RELATED: Australian Fisherman Remains Impressively Calm While Great White Shark Bites Off Piece Of Boat)


The clip continued, with the guard dog swimming around in the water clearly looking for the shark. (RELATED: Gigantic Great White Shark Caught On Video By Fishermen)

While it is unclear from the video just what kind of shark was swimming so close to the shore, what is clear is the guard dog appeared to successfully scare the shark away. (RELATED: 12-Foot Great White Shark Surprises Researcher When It Jumps Right Out Of The Water In ‘Wild’ Video)

Near the end of the video, we see Tilly continue to swim around throughout shallow waters looking for it and there is zero sign of that shark anywhere.

Tilly definitely gives a new meaning for the word guard dog.