Here’s What You Need To See From The ‘Million MAGA March’

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters took to the streets of downtown Washington, D.C. in the “Million MAGA March” Saturday, and the Daily Caller has captured every must-see moment so far.

The march is a show of support for Trump despite his slim chances of remaining in the White House after Inauguration Day, with former Vice President Joe Biden holding strong leads in all the states he needs to reach 306 electoral votes. Trump also made a surprise drive-by visit to the demonstration Saturday morning before heading to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. (RELATED: Trump Drives By ‘Million MAGA March’ In Downtown DC As Protests Remain Peaceful)

The protest has so far remained peaceful, though shouting matches between Trump supporters and counter-protesters have been common. There have also been some arrests of Black Lives Matter counter-protesters.

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