EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Counter-Protesters Target Trump Supporters After ‘Million MAGA March’ As Violence Breaks Out In Downtown DC


Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Supporters of President Donald Trump were targeted by counter-protesters in Washington, D.C. Saturday after the “Million MAGA March,” and violence broke out in the city.

Reporters on the ground captured multiple incidents, particularly at “Black Lives Matter Plaza,” where Trump supporters were swarmed, harassed and at times physically assaulted as the march wrapped up. Thousands of Trump supporters arrived in D.C. to attend the march, voicing support for Trump and backing allegations of voter fraud in the election.

The march began at Freedom Plaza Saturday morning and ended at the Supreme Court, where police officers first kept counter-protesters separate from the pro-Trump crowd. The scene was tense at times, with both sides yelling and provoking, but remained largely peaceful as police successfully kept the groups apart.


As the march came to an end, some pro-Trump supporters made their way to BLM Plaza, where counter-protesters were waiting. In one incident, a female Trump supporter walking with her young children was harassed – a fight broke out and one of her daughters was seen crying as police escorted the family out.

Later in the day, a large group of counter-protesters wearing black bloc mobilized and marched to the plaza. Upon arrival, they declared the area officially off-limits to Trump supporters. Fights began breaking out left and right in the street, with pro-Trump individuals becoming the only target.

One woman got her hat stolen, her flag stolen and was hit in the back of the head after being forced to retreat from the area. Another young couple was harassed and had water and other objects thrown as the female screamed, visibly scared by the incident.

Other individuals dining at a nearby restaurant had a firecracker thrown at their table – prompting everyone eating on the patio to rush inside the restaurant, which quickly locked its doors. Meanwhile, fires rose up at the plaza as protesters burned pro-Trump memorabilia.


Despite police being out en masse around the city, the many incidents often escalated quickly. At times, officers arrived before a scene escalated, in which case they escorted Trump supporters from the area. Other times, however, police arrived to simply break up the fights.

As the night wore on, the violence continued, with protesters marching to Harry’s Pub, where pro-Trump supporters have gathered in the past. The group was met with a heavy police line with Trump supporters behind them.

Once again, despite the police presence, the groups managed to collide, according to reporters on the ground. Protesters and the Proud Boys, a far-right group, began to battle each other on the streets of downtown D.C., hurling punches and donning protective gear. Eventually, police arrived to break up the situation and make arrests.

The violent evening in D.C. ended with both crowds dispersing late in the evening. Police remained out in full force downtown following the attacks, and some Trump supporters marched into the early hours of Sunday morning. (RELATED: Multiple Storefronts Are Boarding Up Windows And Entrances Ahead Of Possible Election Day Protests And Violence In DC)