Burglar Leaves Feces In HGTV Star Karen E. Laine’s Garage, Twice

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot FOX59 News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtmFnugErmM)

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A burglar left behind a surprise for local HGTV star Karen E. Laine after stealing things from her home in Indianapolis.

Laine, who stars on the HGTV home flipping show “Good Bones,” claimed this is the third time someone has broken into her home and the second time they had left poop in her garage, according to an interview published Saturday by FOX 59.

“Last Saturday someone came in, stole more things, and pooped in the garage,” Laine told the outlet. “It’s sort of an epithet to say I poop on you.”

“It seems very personal and intentional,” Laine said. The HGTV star claimed the suspect went through things in the garage bathroom. (RELATED: Man Reportedly Refuses Arrest After Being Found Naked In Woman’s Apartment)

“So they know we have a bathroom,” she said. “That’s what makes it feel personal because it’s not, ‘Oh, I need to go to the bathroom.’ It’s I’m going to leave my feces behind for you to clean up.”

Laine told the outlet she already found out where her credit cards had been used and believes they have video footage of the suspect or suspects.

Who poops when stealing things from homes like this? That’s so weird and gross. Laine even says they’re trying to find DNA in the feces. I’m not sure if that actually works, but it still sounds so nasty. I feel bad for these investigators.