COSTCO Begins Offering Private Jet Access To Members


Harold Hutchison Contributor
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Membership in Costco has offered people a lot of perks, from vacation packages to the ability to save money on products by buying in bulk. Now, the retail giant is offering its members the chance to book private jets.

The New York Post reports that the retail giant is offering its members a chance to buy a one-year Wheels Up membership. Wheels Up is a company that allows people to book time on a private plane, with its website noting its exclusive fleet includes planes ranging from a Beech King Air to a Cessna Citation X.

In addition to the exclusive fleet, Wheels Up also partners with private plane owners through its program fleet. Costco’s website notes that between the two fleets, Wheels Up has over 1,550 private planes available to book.

The King Air 350 is one of the private planes that Costco members can book through a Wheels Up membership. (Shutterstock/Ryan Fletcher)

In addition to the one-year membership in Wheels Up, Costco’s website says customers also get a $4,000 flight credit, a $3,500 Costco gift card, the ability to attend a number of events, and they will have a complimentary one-year membership with Inspirato to book luxury vacations. (RELATED: Drake Gets Himself A Massive Airplane, Watch A Video Of The Interior)

The price tag for this membership is $17,499. In addition, one will still have to pay for the actual flights – Wheels Up membership simply provides the right to book the flights. The retail giant is also offering a much cheaper subscription option for Wheels Up that comes in at $1,994.99, but it comes without the flight credit, gift card and other perks.