Daily Caller Reporters Share What Really Happened At The Million MAGA March

The Daily Caller

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Daily Caller reporters Jorge Ventura and Henry Rodgers shared their experiences at the Million MAGA March, an event Saturday where thousands of Trump supporters arrived in Washington, D.C. to show their support to the president.

Ventura said that when he arrived at the Freedom Plaza around 11 AM, about an hour before the rally was scheduled to start, and there were already tens of thousands of Trump supporters there. Speakers began at noon at the Freedom Plaza, followed by a march to the Supreme Court where there were more speakers, Ventura said. (RELATED: Trump Drives By ‘Million MAGA March’ In Downtown DC As Protests Remain Peaceful)


“It was a peaceful atmosphere, you know, people out there with their families,” Ventura said. But when he arrived at Black Lives Matter Plaza around 3:00 PM, Ventura said that he saw a family of Trump supporters being harassed by Black Lives Matter supporters, including an altercation that later went viral on social media where a father was pushed into his young daughter and they both fell over.

“Right then I could tell that this was not a good sign for the rest of the day,” Ventura said.

Despite police blocking off streets around Black Lives Matter Plaza to keep Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter supporters separate, Ventura discussed several more altercations that he witnessed.

“Chaotic scenes, to be honest,” Ventura said. “I’ve never seen anything like that in the daytime.”

When Ventura turned over his footage to be used as evidence by the police, officers made arrests immediately.

Rodgers, who came to the rally later in the day, described “absolute chaos.”

“I’ve actually lived in D.C. my whole life, and to walk out of your building to absolute chaos is just a scary feeling,” Rodgers said.

When Rodgers walked out of his building, he said that he ran into a group of Proud Boys who appeared to be intoxicated yelling “where’s Antifa.” They were looking for trouble, Rodgers said, but didn’t initiate physical altercations.

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