‘You Embarrassing Quack’: Joy Behar Calls Dr. Scott Atlas A ‘Menace To Society’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar said Tuesday that Dr. Scott Atlas was a “menace to society” and said that Americans should not listen to his advice on coronavirus.

Behar argued during a segment of ABC’s “The View” that Atlas, a neuroradiologist and relatively recent addition to President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force, was not the right person to be dispensing advice about how to spend the Thanksgiving holiday. (RELATED: ‘That’s How Sick He Is’: Joy Behar Says Trump ‘Relishes’ Leaving COVID Mess In Biden’s Lap)


Behar and her co-hosts began the segment by noting that, despite a dramatic rise in coronavirus cases, Atlas was telling families to go ahead and celebrate the holidays together. He made the case that no one knew when their time was coming, and that staying apart could ultimately cost elderly family members their last holiday with loved ones.

“What do you think, Sara? Is this Dr. Atlas making any kind of sense?” Whoopi Goldberg asked, directing the question first to Sara Haines.

“Not to me. He says this could be their last Thanksgiving. You might be ensuring it’s their last Thanksgiving,” Haines said. She continued, comparing the idea of skipping a family holiday to protect others from coronavirus to military service members missing holidays while deployed.

“We can do our part now and not celebrate Thanksgiving together. Do it remotely. Do it by Zoom. Consider it your duty to this country right now to stay at home,” Haines continued. “Nobody is telling you you can’t have turkey. Eat up. But like, you don’t need to do that by exposing loved ones and other people in your community to this deadly virus.”

Behar weighed in, saying that she also disagreed with Atlas.

“Well, as the unofficial spokesperson for the Social Security crowd, let me say to Dr. Atlas: This is not my last Thanksgiving, you embarrassing quack,” she said.

She went on to accuse Atlas of making the situation worse and turn the blame on Trump for bringing him into the task force in the first place.

“Whatever happened to ‘First, do no harm?’ This guy is — he is a menace to society, this man. Of course, Trump picks him because he only picks the best people,” Behar concluded. “I mean, come on. You know, don’t listen to a radiologist when it comes to a virus please, ladies and gentlemen. Do not listen to this quack. He’s a quack. Quack, quack.”