Black Friday Offers $100+ Savings On Treadmill To Kick-Start Your Quarantine Fitness Routine

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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UPDATE: This Flash Deal Now Has Less Than 24 Hours Remaining9:45 AM EST Nov 18,2020

Let’s face it, the sad reality is that it doesn’t seem like covid restrictions are going away anytime soon, and with gym requiring facemasks even if they are allowed to open, it seems like working out away from home may not be as comfortable as it used to be.

That’s why I think this deal is an incredible offer for those whose fitness routine has been disrupted by Covid, or those who have been recently inspired to start exercising at home. Treadmills are the easiest way to make sure you get some cardio in for your day and are often the easiest way to start losing unwanted weight. Unfortunately, normally treadmills cost $1000’s (I have a friend who spent over $1500 on his home treadmill!!!) and are big and bulky enough to make both moving them and storing them while not in use a challenge.

Enter the GYMAX Electric Folding Treadmill, the ultra-thin compact fitness running, and walking machine.

The Gymax normally retails for $349.99 (Photo via Amazon)

The Gymax normally retails for $349.99 (Photo via Amazon)

For a limited time, get the GYMAX treadmill for $105 off, now just $244.99 (30% off!!!)

With a variety of available fitness modes, the GYMAX is perfect for walking, jogging, and running at home or in the office. You can use it for aerobic training, weight loss, and muscle relaxation. There’s also a tablet and phone stand so you can have your favorite music or video play while you exercise. 

Most importantly, the GYMAX has an ultra-thin, compact, and lightweight design with two wheels making it easy to move across a room. It will also help you save space because you can place it under a bed or desk or inside a closet with ease.

The rest of the features run pretty standard for treadmills like non-slip rubber and a safety clip for stopping the treadmill in case of an emergency. To keep the cost low, GYMAX has left out many of the bells and whistles of more expensive treadmills, like an HD video screen and tailored workouts (it does have a few workouts you can choose from if you wish, but far from the selection of a treadmill like this). Yet what the GYMAX does offer is clear: a treadmill for your home or office use for under $250! That’s a significant feat and one that will not last as this sale only runs for the next 18 hours. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you take advantage of the Black Friday sale and get the GYMAX for over $100 off today, and make sure you start getting your workout playlist (the most important part!) together while you wait for its arrival.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

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