Don Lemon Says Trump Will ‘Go Down In History As The Childish President Who Refused To Leave’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN anchor Don Lemon said Tuesday that President Donald Trump would “go down in history as the childish president who refused to leave the office.”

Lemon made the comments during a segment of “CNN Tonight,” going on to accuse Trump of attempting to (figuratively) “burn the house down on the way out.” (RELATED: ‘Embarrassing Ratings Ploy’: Don Lemon Rips Into NBC For Allowing Trump To ‘Manipulate Them’)


Lemon was referring to Christopher Krebs, who was the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency within the Department of Homeland Security until he was fired by Trump. Lemon, among others, believe Krebs was fired for giving a statement asserting that the 2020 presidential election was secure despite the president’s claims to the contrary.

“It might be the best thing for him. Not for us, but for him,” Lemon said, turning his attention to the president. “Mr. President, you are not thinking straight. Someone needs to sit down and have a come-to-Jesus with you.”

Attributing Trump’s actions to “revenge, sour grapes,” Lemon went on to say that the president was only making himself look worse.

“You are going to go down in history as the childish president who tried to — who refused to leave the office, who tried to burn the house down on the way out,” Lemon continued. “The people’s house, by the way. The house that slaves built. So, for the sake of my ancestors, the ancestors of the people who are watching and who are out in America, who helped to build that house, don’t burn it down.”

Lemon clarified that he was using a figure of speech and did not mean that the president intended to literally burn down the White House.

“Don’t divide the country any further,” Lemon concluded. “We don’t need to be divided anymore. We need to somehow come together as much as we can, and you are not helping with that … You are keeping us from moving forward, from evolving into a more perfect union.”