Early Black Friday Deals On Hot Ticket Items Have Already Started

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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WhileBlack Friday is still over a week away…that hasn’t stopped companies from sharing some of their lowest prices to date on some of this season’s hot ticket items. From pressure cookers to Ancestry DNA kits to Smart TVs, there are already deals live that can help you save hundreds. Here are just a few of the best that we have found so far:

AncestryDNA Kit:

Save $40 and find out your exact ancestry if you haven’t already. Also makes a great gift!

AncestryDNA is the marquee name in DNA ancestry testing and for good reason. They have invested lots of money into both their product itself and their impressive DNA testing capabilities and databases. Normally $99 throughout the year, Black Friday is a great time to grab this kit at a discount!


Video Games, Toys & More

Buy Two Get One Free on hundreds of popular video games,board games and toys (while supplies lasts)

Do you have grandkids, neices/nephews, or even sons or daughters that are really into video games or board games?

Look no further as this sale will have you labeled the holiday hero for the sheer amount of fun you can deliver. With hundreds of titles like Call of Duty, Marvel’s Avengers, Spongebob, NBA 2K21, and FIFA available for sale, you can order two newer titles (including PS5 and Xbox Series X games) and get a third free, netting you savings of at least $60 if all of the games you buy are new. Not into video games as much? There are also funko pop collectibles and a few board games (though these are selling out FAST). Check out everything they have to offer here, and see if you can wrap up your holiday shopping early this year.

Apple Watch SE (44m)

Get an Apple Watch and save almost $50

Apple watches are still all the rave, so if you have a chance to get your hands on one for a discount, you should definitely take advantage. The SE is one of the better Apple Watch models and at $259.99, it offers great value.

Insignia 32 Inch Fire Tv

Getting a brand new Smart TV for just $100 just seems wrong for those of us who remember small and bulky TVs with shoddy picture used to cost hundreds: Yet that’s what this sale offers!

The Insignia 32 Inch Fire TV offers an easy way to stream Netflix or Prime Video and watch your favorite movies and Tv shows. It especially works well for temporary living situations like a college dorm, or in rooms where a TV isn’t a necessity but is nice to have (like a bedroom or home office).

And remember, these are just a few of the best deals being offered. For more awesome early Black Friday deals, be sure to check out this page here!

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