‘It’s Kind Of Like Having A Fat Trainer’: Jesse Watters Criticizes Leaders Trying To Implement COVID-19 Regulations

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said Wednesday that people might be having a hard time taking new COVID regulations seriously because leaders were not abiding by their own rules.

Watters addressed the situation during a segment of “The Five,” saying that taking directives from leaders who did not hold themselves to the same standard was “kind of like having a fat trainer.” (RELATED: ‘If You Have Proof Bring It Out’: Juan Williams Challenges Jesse Watters Over Alleged Hunter Biden Emails)


“There is nothing in the Constitution that says I can’t invite Uncle Jimmy over for dessert,” Watters began. “If Aunt Sue wants to break out into song I’m supposed to tell her that is against the law? Or I can’t scream when the Lions don’t cover on Thanksgiving? I can’t have a drink? That’s crazy.”

Watters went on to note that he wore a mask in Manhattan but that masks alone would not keep people safe. Many of the more recent hotspots, he added, were popping up in states where Democratic leaders had long ago imposed mask mandates and other mitigation measures.

“It is not the silver bullet,” he continued, mentioning outbreaks at both the Mayo Clinic and the World Health Organization. “There is only so much you can do against a virus. The virus will always win.”

Watters argued that the continued spread of the virus could not be attributed to any one politician, adding, “But to have these ridiculous regulations around Thanksgiving when the politicians enacting them are not following them themselves, it is kind of like having a fat trainer. Why am I taking your advice if you are not taking your own advice?”

Juan Williams pushed back a bit, saying that it wasn’t about just having the government tell people what to do. He argued that the regulations, like bans on smoking indoors or on airplanes, should be viewed as an attempt to help make sure that Americans looked out for each other.