REPORT: Man Pleads Guilty To Trying To Blow Up ATM, Almost Causing Catastrophic Explosion

REUTERS/Phil Noble

Taylor Giles Contributor
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A man almost caused a massive explosion while reportedly trying to blow up an ATM machine on August 2, The Irish Times reports.

Evan Stubbins pled guilty to possessing an oxy-propane cutting tool, a lighter, and various other tools with the intention of endangering life or causing serious injury to property Wednesday.

Police were patrolling the area when they allegedly spotted Stubbins using a screwdriver to tamper with an ATM, according to The Irish Times. (RELATED: Looters In Philadelphia Are Blowing Up ATMs And Running Away With Cash)

Stubbins allegedly tried to flee from the officers, but an officer grabbed Stubbins’ keys and apprehended him, the outlet reported. After investigating the scene, officers reportedly found a cylinder containing oxygen and another containing propane connected together and strapped to the back seat of the car.

A mechanical engineering expert said that mixing the gases in the wrong amount in a void in the ATM and lighting the substance could have caused a massive explosion killing Stubbins and destroying the garage, The Irish Times reported. Stubbins also pled guilty to charges of causing criminal damage to an ATM and attempting to steal its contents.