Sen. Schumer Criticizes Republicans For ‘Indulging’ The President

Elizabeth Louise Contributor
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized the Republican party for indulging the president’s refusal to concede the election to Vice President, Joe Biden, and for not getting the coronavirus pandemic under control.

“So the election is over, and the country is ready, eager to move that — to get us to move so that we can begin healing the process. The country wants us to come together and get something done to deal with this COVID crisis. But Senate Republicans have continued denying the election results and they are holding America back,” Schumer said during a press conference Tuesday.

“After the election Americans expect us to put aside our partisan differences and do the job they sent us to do,” Schumer continued. (RELATED: Majority of Republicans ‘Rightfully Won,’ Election Was Rigged: Poll)

“Instead of working to pull the country back together, so that we can fight our common enemy, COVID-19, Senate Republicans continue to push debunked conspiracy theories denying reality, poisoning the well of our democracy.”

“The Republican shenanigans include indulging the president’s temper-tantrum, and it endangers our national security,” Schumer added.

“It is outrageous that the Trump administration has refused to provide the president-elect with high level intelligence briefings,” said Schumer referring to the Trump administration’s refusal to brief president-elect, Joe Biden.