EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Scott Warns Of Authoritarian Policies If Republicans Lose Senate

(Screenshot, Samantha Renck)

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Florida Sen. Rick Scott spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the Georgia Senate races, his role as the National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman and more.

“Chuck Schumer said it perfectly. He said first they’re going to take Georgia, then they’re going to change the country,” Scott said. “He wants to pack the Supreme Court so he can infringe on American’s religious freedom, their Second Amendment right. He wants the Green New Deal. He wants Medicare for All.”

Scott, who recently campaigned for Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, further discussed the importance of the upcoming Senate runoffs on Jan. 5.

“It’s very important that we win these races,” he said, “because if we don’t then Sen. Harris — if Joe Biden wins — would be the one that would making the decisions on where the country goes. All the liberal policies of Pelosi and Schumer are going to be the law of the land.”

Scott also discussed the coronavirus.

“We ought to inform Americans and let Americans make choices,” he said. “I believe if we give people good information they’ll make good decisions.”

Scott also discussed the National Republican Senatorial Committee, his plans for 2022 and more. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Cruz Lays Out How ‘Indescribably Important’ The Next Two Months Are To The GOP)


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