Stay Protected With A 10-Pack of 3D Comfort Masks For Just $25

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You’d do anything to protect the ones you love. And these days, it’s all about washing your hands, respecting social distancing, and, of course, wearing a face mask. While it takes some getting used to, something as simple as covering your nose and mouth can help significantly slow the spread of the ever-present Coronavirus, and keep the ones you love safe and healthy.

Sure, you can slap a bandana on your face and call it a day, but as studies have shown, not all materials are created equal when it comes to blocking viruses and other airborne germs. So if you want to ensure protection, do yourself a favor and add these 3D Comfort Masks to your everyday routine. Reusable for up to two weeks at a time, these functional face masks boast 3 protective layers and a filtration rate of 80%.

True to their name, Brio Protection’s 3D Comfort Masks are incredibly easy to wear. That’s because they’re designed to contour all face shapes and sizes thanks to a unique stretch-fabric blend and fitted ear loops. Unlike other reusable masks out there, these masks are super soft to the touch and never feel scratchy or paper-like. And you don’t have to worry about adding them to that growing laundry pile — simply pop on a new one every couple weeks and you’re good to go.

In addition to not having to worry about keeping them clean, the 3D Comfort Masks boast more protection than many other reusable cloth masks. With their high filtration level, you can rest assured you and your loved ones are being protected from dangerous germs and bacteria. And the best part? They cost around a third less per mask than reusable cloth ones. 

Whether you’re popping into the store or taking the dog for a walk, wearing a 3D Comfort Mask takes little to no effort. And since they come in convenient multi-packs, you can leave a couple in the car, at the office, or in your purse for easy access, all the time.

Still wondering if 3D Comfort Masks are the right fit for your family? Check out some of the awesome reviews people are leaving about them online!

“I love the masks. They are breathable and light. It is soft and comfortable. I would recommend this mask to anyone you are looking for comfort and wants to feel like they are normal.” – Shelley A.
“Perfect, small but mighty.! Folds comfortably in half to stick in a pocket for when you need it. If the need arises, I’ll buy again.” – Louis T.
“Comfy well-fitting masks. I’m going to try to disinfect it to reuse. Fit well around the ears and was not irritating on my skin. I’ve already recommended them for my parents to get.” – Robin S.
Right now, packs of 3D Comfort Masks cost as low as $25. Click here to find the package right for your family!
Prices subject to change.

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