Kayleigh McEnany Says Trump Wont Concede Until Legal Challenges Are Over

(Screenshot/YouTube/White House)

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump won’t concede until his legal challenges have concluded, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters Friday.

McEnany held her first press conference Friday and took questions for the first time since Oct. 1, attempting to manage a group of reporters honing in on Trump’s refusal to accept the result of the election. Playboy Reporter Brian Karem repeatedly shouted at McEnany, asking “when are you gonna admit you lost?”

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani laid out the Trump campaign’s case for alleged election fraud in a Thursday press briefing. He alongside Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell said they have “at least 10” witnesses who signed affidavits affirming they witnessed election fraud. Giuliani said they have hundreds more, but he “can’t show them to you” for fear of their safety.

Powell also argued the Dominion voting machines were rigged against the president, though she supplied no direct evidence of this. She also refused several invitations from Fox News Host Tucker Carlson to go on his show and provide evidence. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Says It Has Uncovered Enough ‘Fraud’ To Overturn Election Result)

McEnany also argued Trump’s reaction to the election was justified thanks to the “inexcusable” transition she says Trump himself received in 2016.

While Trump has made numerous accusations regarding the actions of President Barack Obama’s administration prior and during the transition, Hillary Clinton did concede the election soon after Election Day in 2016. She has since claimed Trump “basically stole” the election.

The briefing ended with McEnany walking out under a storm of questions after calling several of the reporters in the room “activists.”