Privatize Your Emails With A One Year Subscription To SmartMail, Now Half-Off!

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Your email bank holds a lot of personal data. From passwords and pictures to addresses and bank info, there’s no telling what could happen if these emails full of sensitive info got into the wrong hands. So instead of waiting to find out, perhaps it’s worth looking into some email security measures.

If you intend for your emails to be for your eyes only (and whoever you’re sending them to), StartMail is the way to go. A high-end private email service, StartMail ensures every email you send remains encrypted, shielding any of your personal data from wandering eyes. It also provides you with an array of protective services, including unlimited alias email addresses, 10GB of storage to house all your sensitive communications, and incredibly organization security.

Unlike most other email services out there, you never have to worry about anyone ever accessing your emails with StartMail. And you can still use it with your favorite online platforms, including Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail. With StartMail’s high level of security, you can trust that your own domains and subdomains for professional and custom email addresses will stay protected. In fact, StartMail is so advanced in its security system, it’s compliant with the super-strict EU GDPR privacy laws.

Using StartMail is incredibly easy and can be used across all your favorite devices. And since there’s no software to install or download, getting started is a total breeze. And if you do have any issues, they offer a stellar tech support team, available to answer any questions, 24/7.

Check out what tech companies and gurus are saying about SmartMail online!

“Using a free webmail account can cost you in privacy. With the simple StartMail service, you can send encrypted mail to anyone.” – PC Mag

“One thing we really like with StartMail is the ability to create unlimited disposable email addresses. There are no dedicated mobile apps, but full IMAP and SMTP support means you can use any third-party email app with the service.” – Pro Privacy

“Easy to use for our business application that has multiple users. There is an ease of learning and lots of things you can do with this software. You can even set up a function to see who is emailing what and receiving what which is so helpful when someone has lost an email.” – Samantha C., small business owner

Ready to get started with SmartMail? Now’s a great time since a oneyear subscription is deeply discounted to just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.


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