‘Vindictive Little 10-Ply Super-Soft Bitch’: Edward Norton Has Thoughts About Why Trump Won’t Concede

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Actor Edward Norton shared his thoughts Friday on why President Donald Trump, although he has been projected to lose the 2020 presidential election, has yet to concede.

Norton, who starred alongside Brad Pitt in “Fight Club,” began by laying out Trump’s possible legal strategy. Citing his own father’s career as a federal prosecutor, Norton argued that Trump could simply be buying time and leverage because he feared that he himself might be prosecuted upon leaving office. (RELATED: Brad Pitt Spotted Handing Out Boxes Of Groceries In LA To Families In Need)

“I do not think Trump is trying to ‘make his base happy’ or ‘laying the groundwork for his own network,’” Norton began, going on to lay out his view of Trump’s strategy as if it were a poker game.

“His ‘turn card’ bluff will be an escalation & his ‘River card’ bluff could be really ugly. But they have to be called,” the “American History X” actor continued with his poker analogy. “We cannot let this mobster bully the USA into a deal to save his ass by threatening our democracy. THAT is his play. But he’s got junk in his hand. So call him.”

Norton, who previously referred to Trump as the “insane clown charlatan,” then pivoted to attack the president on a personal level, adding, “I will allow that he’s also a whiny, sulky, petulant, Grinchy, vindictive little 10-ply-super-soft bitch who no doubt is just throwing a wicked pout fest & trying to give a tiny-hand middle finger to the whole country for pure spite, without a single thought for the dead & dying.”

“Call. His. Bluff … We can’t flinch,” Norton concluded, arguing that any concession to Trump — no matter how small — would leave Americans “vulnerable to his return.”