Man Applying For Job With Washington State Patrol Gets Arrested Mid-Interview

(Credit: Shutterstock Bonma Suriya)

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A man applying to be a part of the Washington State Patrol was arrested mid-interview after raising red flags.

The 31-year-old man, who was applying for a civilian position, ended up being arrested after police suspected he had committed child rape, according to KING 5. The alleged incident apparently occurred years ago, the outlet reported.

The man’s interview was Tuesday in Olympia. (RELATED: Oklahoma Man Arrested After Allegedly Raping Infant And Distributing Video Of The Assault On Social Media)

The man had admitted something odd during his background check and polygraph test that grabbed the attention of investigators, the outlet reported. There is reportedly not enough evidence for prosecutors to charge the man with child rape.

However, the Washington State Patrol said he would not be working with them, according to the outlet.

That’s probably a good thing. Somebody who can be arrested on suspicion of child rape probably shouldn’t be working for the police. It’s kind of wild to me that he thought that a police job would be a good idea for him.

Sounds like if he wouldn’t have applied for this police job he might have gotten away with whatever he did. Maybe justice will be served now.