EXCLUSIVE: Ann Coulter Talks Trump, Elections And Fate Of GOP

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The Daily Caller’s Vincent Shkreli sat down with political commentator and author Ann Coulter to discuss the 2020 election results, President Donald Trump and what the future of the Grand Ol’ Party could look like.

Coulter said she believes that Democrats stole the election, a claim that has been pushed by the President and some other Republicans, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. (RELATED: Trump Redefined The GOP. So Who’s Next?)

“I assume Democrats stole it, they always steal elections,” Coulter said.

When asked who won the election, Coulter was adamant that the biggest loser was the media.

“Oh my gosh, they were stomped. They expected the big blue tsunami,” Coulter told the Daily Caller. “They’ve been trying to convince the American people, ‘we got to get rid of Hitler, Hitler, Hitler,’ for four years now and wow, 70 million Americans thought ‘well, Trump’s kind of a douchebag, but media, you’re worse.”


Coulter said despite Trump’s big loss, his campaign was a true rallying cry for many Americans.

“The campaign showed Americans they weren’t alone,” Coulter said, noting that Trump had huge amounts of popular support for many of the issues he ran on, including immigration, wars and the economy.

However, Coulter noted one downfall of Trump’s campaign could very well have been his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

She said that while riots were raging across the country, precincts were getting burned down, Kushner was campaigning that President-elect Joe Biden was too tough on crime, referencing the infamous ’94 crime bill that Biden spearheaded. Kushner juxtaposed Biden’s record on crime with Trump’s First Step Act.

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