Byron York: Trump Legal Challenge ‘Is Winding Down’

(Fox News screengrab)

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The Washington Examiner’s Byron York suggested that President Donald Trump’s legal challenges to the election outcome are “winding down” during a Monday afternoon appearance on Fox News’ “Special Report.”

After a key legal setback in Pennsylvania, the public distancing of the Trump legal team from attorney Sidney Powell and figures like Fox News host Tucker Carlson and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh expressing frustration over the lack of evidence presented for widespread election fraud, York called the weekend “pretty disastrous.”


“First of all, on Saturday, they lost their big case in Pennsylvania for a number of reasons,” York said. “The biggest being that they were pointing out a couple of relatively small problems and then asking that the certification of the whole state, close to 7 million voters, just be stopped. So that just didn’t work at all, got thrown out. They are going to appeal and that’s not going to work either.”

York went on to criticize Powell for not offering “any evidence to support” her “astonishing theory that the election was stolen because of software developed in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela and a massive influx of communist money from Venezuela, Cuba, and possibly China.”

“And by Sunday night, clearly the legal team had had enough,” he added. “They cut her loose and believe me, they had presented her on Thursday as a member of the legal team.”

“So the big picture here is this legal effort is winding down,” York concluded. “They’ve exhausted most of their possibilities. This hail Mary pass of the great Venezuelan conspiracy is not going to work.” (RELATED: Frank Luntz: Trump Election Disputes Could Have ‘Severe Consequences’ For GOP Chances In Georgia)

Trump on Monday instructed General Services Administrator Emily Murphy to “do what needs to be done” to begin the transition process.