REPORT: Man Charged With Assault For Blowing Air On Two Women Outside Trump Golf Course

Douglas Christian on Twitter

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A man was reportedly charged with assault after a video showed him blowing air on two women outside of President Donald Trump’s golf course in Virginia.

61-year-old Ryan Deskins is facing misdemeanor assault charges over the incident, the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) said Sunday. Deskins was released on a summons.

“The LCSO is aware of a video circulating on social media after an incident near Trump National Golf Club,” the LCSO said in a statement. “On November 21, 2020, two separate parties reported they were assaulted during a verbal argument outside of Trump National Golf Club, located at 20391 Lowes Island Blvd.”

“As the incident was not witnessed by law enforcement and the video did not capture the entire interaction, both parties were advised they could go to a Loudoun County Magistrate and seek a citizen obtained warrant,” the sheriff’s office said. “This afternoon our deputies served a warrant obtained by a citizen through a Loudoun County Magistrate.”

The video, which has gotten over 303,000 views on Twitter alone, shows Deskins approaching two unidentified women while not wearing a mask.

“Get away from me!” one of the women shouts. Deskins, who is wearing a Trump shirt and an inflatable Trump pool floating device, replies, “I’m not in anybody’s face.”

“You are in my face and you don’t have a mask, you need to back up,” one of the women tells Deskin. He then forcefully breathes on her.

“That’s assault,” the women yell, to which Deskin replies, “I breathed on you!”

A letter sent by several members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Sunday asked for a full investigation into the incident, which occurred Saturday, according to the Associated Press. According to the letter, the two women were outside the golf course to protest President Trump.