Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Vows ‘Legitimate And Necessary Response’ To Reported US Visit To Taiwan

James Huang/AFP via Getty Images

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Zhao Lijin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, vowed a “legitimate and necessary response” to a reported visit by an officer of the United States Navy to the island nation of Taiwan on November 23, according to The Hill.

Lijin stated that China “firmly” opposes any form of official state business or military exchange that is conducted between the United States and Taiwan. His criticism of the interaction stems from a belief that the alleged visit made by Rear Admiral Micahel Studeman — the top intelligence officer of the US Pacific Command — violates the One China Policy. (RELATED: Bishop Who Wouldn’t Join Chinese Communists Reportedly Disappears)

The United States has maintained unofficial ties with the autonomous island nation of Taiwan and continues to sell them munitions much to the ire of mainland China. The Chinese government has applied sanctions to American arms manufacturers in order to compel their compliance with the One China Policy. 

In August, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar visited the autonomous island nation, and in September the Undersecretary of State Keith Krach did, as well. Once again, this elicited frustration from Lijin. In a November press conference, Linjin detailed the Chinese government’s frustration with the American leadership routinely insisting on treating Taiwan as an autonomous nation. (RELATED: US Health Secretary Alex Azar To Make Highest-Level Visit To Taiwan In Decades, A Move Likely To Anger China)

Despite this, and China’s increasing displays of aggression towards Taiwan, the United States continues to maintain its current relationship with the island nation. White House National Secretary Adviser Robert O’Brien stated, “The U.S. is with her friends in Taipei. We will continue to be there.”