Harris Faulkner Tells Marie Harf To ‘Take A Seat’ During Exchange About Trump Refusing To Answer Questions

(Fox News screengrab)

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Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner told “Outnumbered” co-panelist Marie Harf to “take a seat” during a Tuesday afternoon exchange about President Donald Trump’s refusal to answer questions from reporters.

After Trump touted upcoming coronavirus vaccines and praised the record-high Dow Jones Industrial Average at the brief Tuesday press conference, he promptly left the stage without answering questions from reporters.

However, the president’s abrupt exit drew the ire of Harf, who accused him of “hiding in the basement,” referencing GOP criticism against President-elect Joe Biden during the campaign.


“Why is Donald Trump not taking questions?” asked Harf. “He’s the one hiding in the basement now. He hasn’t taken reporter questions since the week of the election. Why isn’t he answering anyone’s questions? Why didn’t he answer questions there?”

As Harf was speaking, Faulkner interrupted to refer to her network’s attempts to get Biden to answer its own questions over the years.

“Our news team contacted Joe Biden’s office on a daily basis for the last couple of years!” Faulkner told Harf. “Please take a seat — take several seats — on that.” (RELATED: Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Calls Biden Presser ‘A Bit Of A Lovefest Here Between The Media’)

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace similarly criticized Biden during the campaign for refusing to come on the network and answer tough questions.