‘You Just Lost Your Access’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Team Will ‘Operate In The Shadows’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that transparency would be a thing of the past once President Donald Trump was no longer in the White House.

“You just lost your access,” Gutfeld said to the American people during an appearance on “The Daily Briefing” with Dana Perino. He argued that Trump — through Twitter and regular rallies — had given the people the kind of direct access that effectively cut out the media middle man. (RELATED: ‘What War Has Trump Started?’: Greg Gutfeld Challenges Juan Williams To Name Just One)


Perino brought up the topic of President-elect Joe Biden’s initial cabinet choices, many of whom had ties to former President Barack Obama’s administration and had worked with Biden before. Gutfeld responded by saying that the media preferred Biden’s choices because they were more predictable — and less transparent — than Trump.

“It’s not that exciting anymore so they much rather prefer a really boring leader with body bags as opposed to a leader that might be obnoxious and tweet a lot who hasn’t started any wars and who has great foreign policy achievements without killing anybody except for terrorists,” Gutfeld added.

“All these people operate in the shadows. They are not out and they are not transparent. They are not like Trump,” he went on, arguing that when Trump said things or tweeted things, he did so in full view of everyone.

“The reason why the media likes these guys and these gals is because they have created a wall between the access,” Gutfeld continued, saying that the media enjoyed being the gatekeeper and directing all access to the people in power.

“So the media can get the access to these people. But the American public can’t. The transparency is gone. They already have the access, they like the power of being the insider. They like being cozy, they like to do the GQ profiles or Vanity Fair profiles, but if you are an American citizen you just lost your access because it was Twitter and it was the rallies that essentially were the fast pass to what was going on. That was the backdoor to politics for so many people in America,” he concluded.