Dozens Of Popular Outdoor And Gardening Products Now On Sale For Cyber Monday Sales Event

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This year, prime members can get their favorite products deeply discounted for Black Friday! Since it’s already the 30th, that means deals have already begun and ended. Yet, the following deals are still ongoing while supplies last, offering the perfect escape during the time of Covid.

We’ve all been spending so much time at home over the past few months, home improvements have been on the forefront of our minds. Keep up with this trend and purchase some gardening and outdoor equipment this holiday! Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. We’ve done the research and found the best outdoor products on sale.

Top Cyber Monday Outdoor and Gardening Deals

Moerdeng Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

As the weather gets colder, it’s the perfect time to go shopping for a new jacket. Especially with Covid restrictions threatening the ability to go out for dinner, going for a hike may be your only way to get out of the house. Enter this women’s waterproof ski jacket that’s perfect for both skiing and hiking in snowy weather. Featured as one of Amazon’s highlighted outdoor Black Friday sales, these jackets are well-reviewed and extremely high quality for their price, making them our pick for a great value Christmas gift!   Be sure to act now and take advantage of this low pricing by clicking here.

JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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This highly-rated outdoor table tennis table is begging to be your next purchase. It is made with a thick aluminum plastic composite surface that makes it resistant to all weather conditions. The two halves of the table can fold up on either side incase you only have one-player, or if you just want to practice your skills! It is compact and mobile, meaning if you want to move the table from outside to indoors in the winter, all you have to do is fold it up and wheel it away thanks to the handy three inch caster wheels. There’s never been a better time to buy your very own JOOLA NOVA ping pong table. Usually, it’s listed for $749.95. We’ve found a deal that makes it only $449.95, just click here!

Keter Glenwood Plastic Deck Storage

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If you’re anything like me, finding a place to put all of my handy outdoor tools and gardening equipment is sometimes a struggle. This Plastic Deck Storage Container eliminates that struggle entirely. Whether you want to store hoses, wood, or gardening tools, this container is spacious enough for it all (more specifically, it can fit about 101 gallons)! It is constructed with weather-resistant resin to ensure your possessions don’t get ruined in harsh conditions. With it’s sleek design and wood-like texture, we’re sure you’ll love this product. Normally, this product is $129.99. However, we found a deal for you that discounts this product by over 20%. You only have to pay $100! Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. You can get your very own Plastic Deck Storage Container by clicking here.


T-P Link Kasa Outdoor Camera

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If you still have to go into the office, this camera can watch over your house while you’re away. You can watch your camera feed’s history or high definition live-stream on the Kasa Smart App from any location. Since this camera can detect movement up to 30 feet away, you can opt to get notifications any time suspicious activity may arise. How’s that for efficiency? Another great feature of this camera is the two-way audio feature. Swiftly greet your guests at the door or utilize the siren feature to scare off intruders if you feel like you’re in danger. Protect your home and your loved ones with this great outdoor camera. Installation of this product is simple. All you have to do is attach the magnetic plate to whichever outdoor location you please and stick the camera right on the magnet! You don’t have to worry about your camera deteriorating in harsh weather. T-P Link’s camera is designed to repel water and dust. Normally listed at $139.99, you can get yours today for just $87.50 by clicking here.

Addlon LED Outdoor String Lights

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If you want to add a little extra character to your porch or patio, these LED Outdoor String Lights are sure to do the trick.  These Italian bistro style lights have been designed to withstand all weather conditions, whether it’s the dog days of summer or the sub-zero days of winter. Included with your purchase is 15 bulbs with vintage charm. They are also dimmable, so if you’re outside partying into the night with friends and the lights become too bright, simply dim the lights to create the perfect relaxed ambiance. Usually, these lights cost $69.99. Luckily, you can now get them for just $44.99! Plus take an additional 15% off for a limited time. Add a little personality to your backyard and get the Addlon LED Outdoor String Lights by clicking here.

Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers

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If you’re looking for outdoor speakers with exceedingly great sound quality, Look no further than these Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers. With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s safe to say this product is a customer favorite. Install the product outside wherever you please, vertically or horizontally, with its anti-slip, one-handed installation technology. Shock your guests with the steeply-angled baffle design that fills the backyard with crystal-clear sound. With these speakers, you can blast your music with confidence. These great speakers can be yours for just $399.99.

Triumph Premium Cornhole Set

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I think we can all agree there’s nothing better than having fun playing games outside with friends and family. Cornhole is one of those classic outdoor games that anyone can enjoy. While it is family friendly, you can also easily turn it into a competitive match with high stakes! The Triump Premium  Cornhole Set does it all. It includes two portable boards and eight bean bags. Don’t worry if the game gets a little out of hand, as the sleek, wood surface is brushed with a melamine laminate coating to prevent any unwanted scratches and marks. The boards can also easily be transported anywhere you want to play. Whether it’s your backyard, the park, or your friend’s house, this cornhole set has got you covered. It even has a convenient handle! Don’t miss out on your chance to play this classic game for a fraction of the price. Right now, you can get this product for $49.50. That’s almost 40% off the original price! Get yours by clicking here.

Gold Armour Camping Hammock

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If you love supporting small, family-owned businesses, then this product is one for you.

This ultra-light nylon camping hammock comes with it’s own carrying case directly sewn on the side of the hammock! It can hold up to 500 pounds, so you can comfortably fit two adults into this hammock. Don’t worry about buying extra straps or carabiners, as it already comes with the necessary pieces! This product lets you express yourself with a myriad of colors to choose from. If pink isn’t your style, choose from one of their many blues, blacks, greens, reds, or whichever catches your eye! You’ll need to hurry up and purchase this product because it’s running out quickly! With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s safe to say you’ll love it just as much as everybody else. Usually, this product is $31.99, but you can get it for only $27.19 by clicking here. 

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