Squirrel Gets Drunk After Dining On Some Fermented Pear

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A woman in Minnesota managed to get video of what happened after a squirrel ended up feasting on some fermented pear and it’s definitely can’t miss.

In the video posted by People magazine on Instagram on Wednesday, we see the animal sitting on what looked like a wooden ladder. At the top was a bowl of some of the fruit.  (RELATED: Gigantic Great White Shark Caught On Video By Fishermen)

The magazine captioned its post, “A Minnesota woman recorded a squirrel getting a little tipsy enjoying some fermented pear — though the animal’s inebriation was definitely not intended!”



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While it is unclear from the video how long he had been dining on the fermented fruit, it is crystal clear it started hitting him pretty hard and he appeared to be very drunk on the stuff. (RELATED: Orlando Police Officer Pulls Over Daughter For Speeding And It’s Definitely A Can’t-Miss)

In the wild clip, we see the squirrel start swaying backwards before he regained his equilibrium while he clutched hard on to the bowl apparently trying to steady himself.

This appeared to happen multiple times with the little guy clearly unsure exactly what was happening. At one point, he almost fell right off his little perch, but managed to hold on tight to that bowl and not fall.