Entrepreneurs Take Over Supermarket, Pay For Approximately $40,000 In Groceries


Shawn Waugh Contributor
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Several Kroger shoppers received a surprise in Decatur, Georgia, just days before Thanksgiving when a group of entrepreneurs came together to buy groceries as a token of generosity.

In a way to give back to the community this Thanksgiving season, the group took over several check out lanes over a period of two hours, paying the tab for all who came through. In the end the total bill came to around $40,000, WBRC news reported. (RELATED: Florida Officers Hand Out Hundreds Of Turkey Thanksgiving Meals Ahead Of Holiday)

One of the organizers, Jason Lodbell, said that the initial plan was to hand out gift cards to patrons but felt it was taking too long and opted for plan B, which was to pay for groceries in the check out lanes as reported by 11Alive.

“I’m still floating on cloud nine after seeing those faces and getting all those hugs from the grannies and wiping tears. It was just a good feeling. A lot of us come from those situations and that type of background. So, we understand the true meaning of giving back and pouring back into our community,” Lobdell said according to the outlet.

One thankful Kroger customer said, “We have Thanksgiving food and we got tissue. God is good today, thank you” 11Alive reported.

One of the gift givers posted this video on Instagram:


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The generous spirit of the group of gift givers didn’t stop with groceries.  They also paid to fill up gas tanks for several of the locals and also had plans to actually give away food the day before Thanksgiving, according to WBRC.