Leo Terrell Criticizes California COVID ‘Hypocrisy,’ Says He Is Considering Leaving The State

(Fox News screengrab)

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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell told a Wednesday night “Hannity” panel on Fox News that the “hypocrisy” behind California COVID-19 restrictions has made him want to leave the state.

California clamped down on restrictions as Thanksgiving approached in an attempt to deal with a rise in coronavirus cases. Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order last week, and some counties have issued further restrictions, including a ban on outdoor dining in Los Angeles County.

Meanwhile, though Newsom has urged Californians to wear face masks between bites while dining, the California governor was photographed dining indoors maskless at a plush dinner party in California’s Napa Valley.

“Oh, let me tell you right now, and I say this without any hyperbole, this is the first time, Trey, that I want to leave the state of California,” Terrell told “Hannity” guest-anchor Trey Gowdy. “Why? Because the hypocrisy insults the intelligence of every citizen in California.”


“We have a county health director, who is not elected, who makes half a million dollars, who is not even a medical doctor, and she shuts down the restaurants from outdoor dining,” he continued. “And as you said, the Democrats always keep saying, ‘We follow the science.’ There is no science!” (RELATED: California Gyms, Restaurants Sue City For Right To Stay Open After New COVID-19 Crackdown)

“So what I am saying to you is the hypocrisy is just too much for me,” Terrell concluded. “I’m hoping that maybe I can find a place either in South Carolina or next door to Governor Huckabee, but it is just ridiculous out here because it is too much Democratic control and it doesn’t justify the shutting down of this entire state.”