EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charles Payne Criticizes Professor Who Hopes He Gets COVID-19

Caitlyn McDuffee Contributor
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The Daily Caller’s Caity McDuffee recently talked with Fox Business’ host Charles Payne about a message he received from a college professor who hopes him and his family get  COVID-19.  

“I hope you have a huge Thanksgiving and everyone at it gets coronavirus. You are such an idiot. Make sure your whole family including your grandparents are there and then you can play Russian roulette with their lives,” the message said.  

Payne told the Daily Caller he believes he received the message because of a segment he did on Fox & Friends discussing Thanksgiving restrictions.

“We talked about all these restrictions and whether or not people should have Thanksgiving,” Payne said.

“You know, my whole point was during the interview was that quite frankly I think this is the year perhaps more than any ever in our lifetime we need Thanksgiving.” (RELATED:Charles Payne Unloads On Harvard After University Refuses To Return Coronavirus Relief Cash)

Payne then said that the person who sent him the message is responsible for educating young adults.

“What struck more than anything else was that this was a college professor, and she is in charge of teaching young adults,” Payne continued.

“I know what it is, I know it’s all about conservatives and you know we have seen it coming to the surface for a long time, and now it is sort just of in our face.”

Watch the full video to get Payne’s take on Biden’s loan forgiveness plan and whether or not we will get a stimulus bill passed.


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