Cardi B Apologizes For Having 37 Guests At Her Thanksgiving

(Photo by Anthony DelMundo-Pool/Getty Images)

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Rapper Cardi B apologized on Twitter after she received backlash over her 37-person Thanksgiving gathering amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Cardi B revealed in a tweet that she had 12 kids and 25 adults over for the holidays on Sunday. “12kids and 25 adults over the holidays.It was lit !!” she tweeted.

People weren’t happy with Cardi’s admission, considering coronavirus cases have been on the rise in the United States and that many officials spent the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving warning Americans not to gather with their families at all. (RELATED: CDC Recommends Skipping Travel And Instead Hosting Thanksgiving Virtually)

“Sorry my bad wasn’t trying to make nobody feel bad,” Cardi responded to a now-deleted tweet. “I just had my family in my home for the first time and it felt so good & uplifted me .I spent soo much money getting every1 tested but it felt worth it.I wasnt trying to offend no1.”

Cardi also stated she gets COVID-19 tested “4 times a week” due to her work schedule.

“ME specially and everyone that works around me get tested literally 4 times a week,” Cardi tweeted in response to someone who said it was a “good thing” that she got tested. “Im In the middle of work and Everytime we clock in we MUST GET TESTED !”