Cyber Monday Fire TV Stick Fire Sale: The Best Stocking Stuffer Of 2019 Is Now On Sale For 2020

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Have you decided you want in on the Smart TV craze? Cyber Monday is the perfect time to act and get a remote that turns your regular TV into a smart TV for just $29.99. Usually $49.99, the latest version of the Amazon Fire Stick has 4k images and comes with a Alexa voice remote.  No more manually skipping through the channels, simply ask Alexa to find the Movie or TV show you want to watch, and enjoy!

Get the ultra popular Amazon Fire Stick for just $29.99, and take 40% off during Cyber Monday Sale 

If you already have Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, HBO, ESPN, etc.  you  can login into from a central location using the Fire Stick. In addition, if you have Amazon prime you are able to stream Amazon original content, as well as popular movies and TV shows such as Bay Watch, The Terminator, Ballers, A Quiet Place, Suits, etc depending on your preference.

With close to 50,000 reviews, the Fire Stick is one of the most reviewed products on Amazon, and for a good reason. It turns any normal TV into a Smart TV with ease.

As one reviewer raves:

“I received the Fire TV Stick 4K on launch day. I own the previous model and this is a much better experience. First off the remote is a huge improvement. The power button on the remote can turn on my tv, my receiver, fire stick, and switch the inputs automatically so the fire stick is on screen and ready to go with just one click of the power button. It’s really nice. This is how it should have been all along. It gets even better though… lets say my TV is already on, and my receiver is set to a different input such as my FIOS tv box? All you do is click the home button on the remote and the remote switches the receiver to the correct hdmi input on the receiver for the fire stick! One remote to rule them all, and yes it controls volume on the receiver too! This is excellent. It’s highly configurable. The setup is quite nice. You can define which inputs get picked when hitting the power and home button. You can define which device the volume buttons control. Amazon has done a great job with the Fire Stick 4K.”

Just keep in mind, most smart TV’s come with the Amazon Fire Stick pre-installed, however, if you do not want to pay the high cost of a smart tv and you have a LED tv, the Fire Stick is right for you.

Purchasing a Fire Stick is a one time purchase and endless streaming opportunities once you subscribe to the streaming services you prefer.

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