REPORT: Man Fatally Stabbed In Alleged Dispute Over Thanksgiving Leftover Etiquette

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Healthcare Reporter
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A Chicago man was reportedly fatally stabbed in the early morning hours of Friday, allegedly after a dispute over thanksgiving leftovers. 

James Dixon, 29, is accused of stabbing the boyfriend of his thanksgiving host, according to the Chicago Tribune. Dixon reportedly had several alcoholic drinks before the confrontation, which occurred around 3:15 a.m. Friday, the Tribune reported. (RELATED: Police Search For Gunman Who Shot And Killed Two People At Sacramento Mall During Black Friday)

The victim was 52-year-old Vincell Jackson, who reportedly confronted Dixon after the guest had been caught eating Thanksgiving leftovers with his bare hands, according to the New York Post. Dixon allegedly sucker-punched Jackson before the fight made it to the front porch, where Jackson was stabbed nine times, per the Post.

There were no direct witnesses to the stabbing, but prosecutors say several witnesses claim that Dixon escalated the fight and acted as the aggressor, the Tribune reported. Jackson was last seen before the stabbing on top of Dixon, asking for someone to call 911, per the Tribune. 

Authorities say Dixon was arrested about eight hours after the incident with multiple knives in his possession, one of which was covered in blood. In a court hearing Sunday, Dixon’s attorney said his client was acting in self-defense, according to the Tribune. (RELATED: Explosion Outside Florida Walmart Delays Black Friday Shoppers)

Dixon is being held on $350,000 bail, the Tribune reports. He reportedly has three prior felony convictions, including one for arson.