Millie Bobby Brown Breaks Down Crying When Discussing A Person Trying To Film Her While Shopping

Millie Brown (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/melhossc/status/1333527288143556609)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Millie Bobby Brown doesn’t want to be filmed while out in public.

In a video posted to her Instagram story, Brown told her followers about a woman who tried filming her while she was out shopping with her mom. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

The “Stranger Thingssuperstar was clearly rattled by the fact somebody wouldn’t leave her alone after being told to. You can watch the video below.

The first thing that I’d like to point out here is that Millie Bobby Brown is 16 years old. She’s a damn child, and that’s the most important part of this situation.

If this was an adult celebrity, then I’d honestly view it much differently. It wouldn’t be acceptable to breach somebody’s space, but it’d certainly be different if this was Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or any other full grown adult.

Brown is a kid. She’s a teenager. You have no business filming a kid you don’t know out in public for a little clout.


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That’s just pure insanity. I’m not someone who feels the need to protect famous people, but I do believe privacy is important.

If a person was out there doing things for attention, then that’s one thing. Obviously, shopping with your mom doesn’t fall under that umbrella.


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Leave people alone just as most of you would want to be left alone. It’s not hard to figure out.