Enter For A Chance To Win A New XBOX, PS5, And Other Must-Have Gaming Gear

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If you’re a gamer, your Christmas wishlist is likely looking pretty packed this holiday — and no doubt the new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 are at the top of the list. But why pay top dollar for this stuff when you can win it all for free? Nope, this isn’t the eggnog talking — you can actually enter for a chance to win these must-have gaming systems and more!

Valued at just over a whopping $5,000 bucks, this Ultimate Gaming Giveaway is like a gamer’s dream come true. Not only does it have the newest, hottest consoles on the market, but it also contains must-have gear that will give you set-up a major upgrade, including a Corsair Optical Gaming Keyboard, a Bose QuietComfort Gaming Headset, the coveted TITAN gaming chair, and a Sony X900H 65 Inch TV. Seriously!

So, aside from writing a letter to Santa, what’s a person gotta do to win this stuff? It’s actually incredibly simple, and believe it or not, you can buy way more than once measly chance to win. In fact, you can snag up to 500 entries to win the Ultimate Gaming Giveaway for just $50 bucks! But if that’s a little over your budget, you also have the option of buying 250 entries for $25, 150 entries for $15, or 100 entries for just $10 bucks.

And while the holidays are a fun time to receive stuff you love, it’s also a time to give back. And that’s what makes this incredible deal even sweeter. The money you use to buy entries to win goes to the Playing For Change Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings positive change to children of communities in need through music education. The organization also provides job opportunities to musicians and administrators in various communities around the globe.

Ready to get some awesome gaming gear and help a worthy cause in one fell swoop? Entering to win is easy. Simply sign up for free to enter with either your email or social media account and choose the number of entries you want to submit. And you can earn even more entries when you share the sweepstakes with your family and friends!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to win over $5,00 bucks in must-have gaming gear, including the Xbox Series X and PS5, the biggest items of the holiday season!

Prices subject to change.

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