McEnany Accuses Playboy Reporter Of Shouting ‘Demeaning’ And ‘Misogynistic’ Questions At Her Because She’s Republican

Screenshot Fox News, Fox and Friends

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany accused Playboy’s Brian Karem of shouting “demeaning” and “misogynistic” questions at her during a Tuesday segment on Fox News.

McEnany spoke on “Fox & Friends” and said that there is a double standard regarding conservative women versus progressive women. This came after McEnany went after the press for saying that President-elect Joe Biden had the first all-female White House communications team.

Trump’s senior White House communications team is all-female led, although some top officials within the department are male.

McEnany used Karem as an example of this double standard and suggested that the White House Correspondent’s Association (WHCA) should investigated the Playboy reporter. (RELATED: Judge Orders White House To Restore Playboy Reporter’s Press Pass)

“If you’re a female woman in the Republican Party who takes that podium, guess what your worry is?” McEnany noted. “Having a Playboy reporter shout questions at you. Demeaning, misogynistic questions during a briefing. It’s a double standard.”

“It’s one that’s ridiculous,” she continued. “And one that the White House Correspondent’s Association (WHCA) should look into – when you have Playboy reporters shouting at women in a misogynistic manner simply because they’re a member of the GOP.”


McEnany compared this to a Democratic woman taking the podium and said that individual only has to worry about “the next glowing profile written about” her.

The White House press secretary did not provide examples to Fox & Friends co-hosts regarding Karem’s alleged “demeaning, misogynistic questions.” Karem responded to McEnany’s accusations on his Twitter later Tuesday morning, calling her comments “lame.”

“Speaking truth to power is not misogyny,” Karem wrote. “You work for a misogynist. Your briefings are propaganda. You failed the American people who pay your salary. You’re sore because you can’t answer questions honestly.”

Karem continued by responding to McEnany’s suggestion that he be investigated by the WHCA, noting that it “is not a legislative body to police reporters.” The Playboy reporter also tweeted that McEnany “should be more worried about The Hatch Act and being investigated for sedition.”