Sarah Silverman Says Being A Liberal Is Why She Could Get Away With Making Offensive Jokes

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Comedian Sarah Silverman claimed she could get away with making offensive jokes because she’s a liberal.

Silverman made the comments during an episode of “The SmartLess Podcast,” as noted by Fox News in an article published Tuesday.

Silverman has joked about topics ranging from religion all the way to rape. She also wore blackface during a 2007 episode of her television show, “The Sarah Silverman Program.” (RELATED: ‘The Motherf*cking Dark Side’: Sarah Silverman Criticizes Cancel Culture)

“I think it’s the intention behind it… I always said the opposite of what I thought and that was the joke kind of, but hopefully the truth transcends that I don’t really feel this way,” Silverman said, the outlet reported.

“That comedy I did, you’re right, it was like, ‘Oh it’s OK because you know I don’t mean it,'” Silverman reportedly continued. “But then it also is kind of like, ‘We’re liberal, so we can say anything. We can say, you know, the words that are unsayable. You know I don’t mean it, so I can say it.’ There is kind of a liberal douchiness about it, I think, in retrospect. I mean, I don’t know, it’s a weird balance.”

Actor Will Arnett, who hosts the podcast, claimed “everyone who is not liberal” has changed comedy.

“Everyone who is not liberal is so serious and so dark and so real about their negativity or hate or racism, whatever it is, that it’s taken all of that away,” Arnett said, Fox reported. “I don’t even want to joke about a lot of things that are rough or maybe pushing boundaries because you feel like, ‘I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way because there are so many people who mean it.'”