REPORT: 30 Gunmen Storm Bank, Leave 2 Injured And Cash Scattered In Streets

(Photo by Andre Coelho/Getty Images)

Dylan Housman Healthcare Reporter
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As many as 30 bank robbers pulled off a heist in southern Brazil late Monday using automatic weapons and explosives to battle police, according to reports.

The city of Criciúma saw the two-hour affair begin just after midnight, according to Reuters. Armed men reportedly took hostages while exchanging gunfire with police before fleeing in a “fleet” of getaway cars, Reuters reports. (RELATED: Brazilian President Who Recovered From COVID-19 Says He Won’t Get Vaccine)

Two people are reportedly injured, one of which is a police officer. The robbers apparently left cash scattered throughout the streets as they made their getaway, which local residents were quick to begin collecting once the area was secure. (RELATED: Customer Who Stopped For Takeout In Philadelphia Takes Out Robber With Single Shot, Police Say)

Military police in the Santa Catarina state say that four people have been arrested for picking up the stolen cash that was scattered in the streets by an explosion. Authorities have gathered 810,000 Brazilian Reals ($152,660) in the aftermath of the attack, Reuters reports.