‘Tick Tock, Baby’: Whoopi Goldberg Says NY AG Letitia James Is ‘Waiting’ On Trump

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg said that Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James was “waiting on” President Donald Trump to leave office so that she could prosecute him.

Goldberg broached the subject of presidential pardons Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” arguing that Trump would likely pardon himself if he believed that were possible. (RELATED: ‘Blood Is On His Hands’: Whoopi Goldberg Says She’s Never Seen A President Who ‘Didn’t Care Whether People Lived Or Died’)


Cohost Sunny Hostin explained the president’s power to pardon, noting that while it was fairly exhaustive with regard to federal crimes, it did not apply to state crimes.

“His power is exhaustive. One thing he can’t pardon for is state crimes. He can only pardon for federal crimes,” Hostin said. “I would imagine New York is still open to investigation. Florida is still open.”

“Letitia James is waiting on him,” Goldberg said then.

“She really is. That’s the Attorney General of New York,” Hostin agreed, adding, “What’s interesting to me is once you pardon someone like Michael Flynn, that gives people immunity. Michael Flynn could decide to turn against Trump and testify against him. It’s not the best strategy.”

Hostin continued with a legal note from the show’s producers, saying that Trump had repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, saying that investigations into both his business and time in office were baseless and politically motivated.

“Well, I think it’s very exciting that, you know, he can try to — he can pardon himself federally, but there are all these people waiting,” Goldberg concluded. “Letitia James is waiting with her little foot. She is patting that foot waiting for him to make a step out. ‘Cause he keeps saying he’s going to run in 2024. You’re not gonna run if you’re in jail, my friend. And that is something you must also think of. I’m just saying. We’ll be right back. Tick tock, baby.”