‘It’s Called Balance. You Should Try It’: Bret Baier Responds After CNN’s Darcy Makes ‘Dereliction Of Duty’ Accusation

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Fox News anchor Bret Baier responded to Oliver Darcy after the CNN reporter tried to accuse him of “dereliction of duty” on Wednesday.

Darcy began by accusing Baier of airing “multiple clips from Trump’s 44-minute voter fraud video without issuing any sort of fact-check on the nonsensical and wild claims Trump alleged.” The Fox News anchor replied with a quip, pointing out that “Special Report with Bret Baier” began with a segment fact-checking the president’s speech, which had been released by the White House earlier in the day.

“Sorry you missed the beginning of the show Oliver. And the panel segment —but thanks for the tweet,” Baier wrote.

Darcy replied by acknowledging Fox News White House Correspondent Kristin Fisher’s long fact-checking appearance, saying “it’s great” she did so at the “very start of” Baier’s show.

“You then played a bunch of clips later and didn’t provide any of that necessary context. C’mon,” Darcy claimed.

Baier replied yet again with a fact-check of his own, pointing out that he was writing the responses while “mid-show.” The anchor suggested Darcy “rewind [Fox News White House Correspondent] Kevin Corke’s piece -the discussion with the panel” before calling out the CNN host’s own reporting.

“It’s called balance. You should try it. Thanks for always tuning in,” Baier tweeted, to which Darcy replied with screenshots of Fox News’ chyrons while sarcastically declaring the content “hard-hitting.”

While that feud ended, The Washington Post’s media reporter Jeremy Barr weighed in soon after with a link to an article published by The Hollywood Reporter titled: “The Partisanship Comes Through Very Slyly”: Bret Baier Has Some Skeptics.”

This article, written by Barr in May, cites mostly anonymous sources questioning whether Baier is truly nonpartisan. (RELATED: ‘That’s Not True’: Bret Baier Pushes Back On Tim Murtaugh’s Claim That Trump Said Same Things To Public As He Said To Woodward)

Darcy’s attacks come just one day before Baier’s son is slated to undergo his fourth open-heart surgery. Baier has been open about the surgery, telling viewers that he plans to be off for multiple days and posting an Instagram story with his son just days ago in anticipation of the event.


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