‘It’s Hard To Imagine Anything Uglier’: Tucker Carlson Says Biden Picks Could Unmake The American Meritocracy

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson attacked Democrats for embracing identity politics, saying on his Tuesday broadcast that President-elect Joe Biden’s administration picks would further the slide away from meritocracy.

The Daily Caller cofounder laid out his argument in a brief monologue, saying that the people who benefit most from the destruction of a meritocracy are the incompetent who would be unable to achieve wealth and success in such an environment. (RELATED: ‘We All Saw It Happen’: Tucker Carlson Accuses Media, Big Tech Of Colluding With Democrats)


Carlson began with a clip from Democratic Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, who announced his plan recently to fight the latest public health crisis on the horizon — not the resurgence of the novel coronavirus, but racism.

“So ‘racism is a public health crisis,’ says Greg Fischer. Dr. Fisher plans to attack this crisis with an executive order,” Carlson said. “Will masks help contain the spread of racism? They certainly haven’t before, but we will see. Or maybe we won’t see.”

Carlson went on to say that politicians preferred fighting intangible things like racism, sadness, alienation and other things because there was no way to state definitively that the battle was over.

“The battle goes on forever. You’re always justified in fighting it of course. By definition. In the war against racism, you are always the good guy,” he explained.

Carlson noted that the move wasn’t exactly unprecedented, but it was certainly seeing a popularity surge. (RELATED: ‘This Show Isn’t Going Anywhere, It’s Getting Bigger’: Tucker Puts Down Speculation Of His Exodus From Fox News)

“It’s an old trick, obviously. Al Sharpton doesn’t pay his taxes and then he calls you a bigot for asking him about it. But the tactic suddenly seems more popular than ever,” Carlson continued. “You see it everywhere all of a sudden. And there’s a reason. The more obvious it becomes that the people in charge are stupid and selfish, the more time they spend attacking you and the country they’re supposed to be leading. They divide us to keep us from noticing how awful they are. And unfortunately it works pretty well and that’s why they do it.”

Carlson explained that the destruction of a meritocracy was the chief goal among the incompetent, because that was what prevented them from achieving wealth, power and success

“They hate it above all. That’s why they’re tearing it down,” he said. “So what does it look like in practice to tear down a meritocracy? Well, it looks a lot like Joe Biden’s staffing of presidential administration.”

Citing a recent piece published by Politico, Carlson laid out the different groups fighting for recognition as Biden narrowed down his choices for Defense Secretary.

“According to Politico’s account, the Congressional Black Caucus is demanding that Biden select a black secretary of defense. Not a secretary of defense was good at defending America. A secretary of defense with the correct skin color. The feminist groups are mad about this, says Politico. Not mad because it would leave the country vulnerable. No, because they want a female secretary of defense. Why do they want a female secretary of defense? Because they are females. The secretary of defense should look like them because it’s all about them, not about the Pentagon or the country or the military threats we might face in the future,” Carlson explained. “It is about identity, which is to say it’s about narcissism. When I see people in power, I must see myself. That’s the demand.”

Carlson went on to note that it wasn’t just a battle for control of the Pentagon. The same dynamics were in play as Biden considered a replacement for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

“Got that? Hispanic, black, gay. Those are categories, they are not people, individuals. This is about identity, not country,” Carlson went on. “Straight white men are the enemy, says the party led by one, and so it goes. It’s hard to imagine anything uglier than this.”

The same issues were arising in the state of California, Carlson continued, saying that the battle to fill Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ Senate seat was already beginning to face the same challenges.

“Certain jobs for certain identities,” he said. “Certain skin colors have pre-prescribed roles. How is that different from a traditional caste system? How is that better than the Jim Crow south? Those are fair questions, but no one’s ever asked them.”