New Jersey Hit With 2.1 Magnitude Earthquake

(Credit: Shutterstock EQRoy)

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A 2.1-magnitude earthquake rattled a town in New Jersey on Thursday morning.

The earthquake didn’t leave any damage, but did rattle windows of homes in Hunterdon County and towns in Eastern Pennsylvania, according to a report published by The U.S. Geological Survey also reported the earthquake and claimed it occurred around 6:55 a.m.

Facebook users on the Hunterdon County Weather Page confirmed the small tremor, according to

“I thought something hit my house, definitely scared me,” Facebook user Kelly O’Neill wrote, reported.

“Shook the whole house!” wrote Facebook user Shannon Weller Schlinger, the outlet reported.

The same area was previously hit by a 1.7-magnitude earthquake back in August. (RELATED: New Jersey Reports 3.1 Earthquake Near Freehold Township)

A 3.1-magnitude earthquake hit New Jersey in September near the Freehold Township. The earthquake was the worst to hit New Jersey since 2011.

“The actual literal epicenter was the public safety complex,” the Gov. Phil Murphy said at the time, according to

“It sounded like a dump truck being dropped from a few stories up, but about four-five blocks away,” a resident reported on an earthquake-tracking website, according to “It rumbled the floor for about five seconds. I could feel from my feet on the floor and through the seat of the chair.”