Angry Shop Owner Interrupts Live Broadcast To Air Grievances About Lockdowns


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A Michigan business owner interrupted a live local broadcast to air his personal grievances over coronavirus lockdowns.

Tarvarious Haywood, a reporter for Kalamazoo’s CBS affiliate WWMT, shared video of the exchange Thursday. (RELATED: ‘They Have Their Own Rules’: Juan Williams Says COVID Hypocrisy Is Bad But The Real Problem Is McConnell)

“An angry business owner interrupted me moments before my live hit. He wanted to express his anger about Michigan’s current covid-19 restrictions. So, ok kool you can express your anger, just know I’m asking hard questions in return.????????Journalism 101 always be ready!” Haywood tweeted.

The business owner, who introduced himself as Dave Morris and indicated that he owned a local business, complained that the stimulus money had gone primarily to donors and special interests.

“My government leaders have abandoned me,” he said. “They abandoned me, and they have put me in a position where I have to fight back.”

“Do you feel that this is the right thing to do?” Haywood asked, apparently referencing Morris’ resolve to defy orders to close.

“Absolutely,” Morris replied. “I feel everybody needs to stand up.”

Morris then claimed that there had been enough stimulus money to give every family $20,000 to stay home for two months and ride out the spread of coronavirus, adding that he would have been perfectly willing to accept that.

“You could have given me money, I’d gladly walk away for 60 days to let this virus settle down,” Morris explained, adding, “I’m not gonna do it alone, okay?”

Haywood then asked whether Morris intended to continue to violate state orders that would force him to close his establishment.

“State order. This isn’t an order. This is a conspiracy. This is a tyranny,” Morris shot back.

Haywood asked one last question: what advice would Morris give to other restaurant owners in similar situations?

“Wake up! Stand up! This is America. Be free!” Morris said. “I got patriots coming out and supporting me.”