Geraldo Spars With Jesse Watters And Greg Gutfeld On Voter Fraud

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera sparred with hosts Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld over ongoing allegations of voter fraud.

Rivera joined Thursday’s broadcast of “The Five,” where he argued that there didn’t appear to be enough evidence for anything to be overturned. (RELATED: ‘The Year Big Media Lost Its Soul’: Geraldo Rivera Says Trump ‘Ran His Heart Out’ Against All Odds)


Watters began by noting that Rivera had been skeptical of the allegations of fraud from the start, and asked whether recent hearings and sworn testimony from witnesses had moved the needle at all.

“Have you changed your opinion a little bit?” Watters asked.

“I think you are giving false hope to our audience that there is enough here to overturn the election of the president —” Rivera replied, and Watters quickly interrupted.

“No, I’m just reporting what the —” he said before Rivera cut him off.

“Let me finish. Greg was filibustering there for 5 minutes. I think I get 30 seconds,” Rivera laughed. “Bill Barr is the best lawyer in Washington, D.C. He’s a two-time attorney general. He is the most effective, high-functioning person in the Trump Administration. He had the president’s back more than anyone else in Washington.”

Rivera went on to say that it had been Attorney General William Barr who stood up before the American people and pushed back on the Russia narrative, adding that Barr had most recently said that he didn’t see evidence of widespread fraud that would change the outcome of the election.

“You’re not addressing the testimony! You’re just pointing to Barr! You’re not answering what we are asking!” Gutfeld jumped in then. (RELATED: ‘As Modern As A Poodle Skirt’: Greg Gutfeld Disputes Claim That Biden Is First To Have ‘Legitimacy’ Questioned)

Rivera pushed back, saying that the kind of limited fraud that might have happened could result in a few people being prosecuted as individuals, but he didn’t see it amounting to the kind of numbers that would change the election results.

“Geraldo is missing the point!” Gutfeld said then, adding,” We are talking about specific, crucial counties where you don’t need widespread — and nobody is claiming widespread. We are talking specific, targeted —”

Cohost Martha MacCallum then pointed out that the Trump campaign had claimed they could prove 100,000 ballots were fraudulent in the state of Nevada, a state that President-elect Joe Biden won by a margin of only 35,000 votes.

“Let the process play out,” she said.