Did Rudy Giuliani Fart On Live Television During Michigan Hearing? Jenna Ellis’ Eyes May Hold The Answer


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At least two discernable fart-like sounds were caught on video as President Donald Trump’s campaign attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke to Michigan’s House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Trump campaign attorneys, including Giuliani and Constitutional Law attorney Jenna Ellis, were in Michigan to address voter fraud claims in the state.

Giuliani is asking in the video that committee chairman and Michigan State Rep. Matt Hall discipline Democratic Michigan State Rep. Darrin Camilleri for accusing the former New York City mayor of “attempting to seek a pardon” from Trump when the first sound can be heard.

“I would ask that he be disciplined for that,” Giuliani said, at which point the sound can be heard on video. While Ellis did throw a look in Giuliani’s direction, it could be argued that it was because of the questioning from Camilleri.

A second clip of Giuliani speaking revealed another, similar sound — and another look from Ellis. Both videos were posted to Twitter “without editing or commentary” by HuffPost reporter Ryan Reilly.

Snopes’ fact-check on the sounds determined that, while the audio itself was “real,” they could not “definitively say what caused the noise.” (RELATED: Al Roker Should Never, Ever Talk About Poop)

Whether or not the audio was actually Giuliani or someone near him passing gas, it wouldn’t be the first time such a sound has appeared on live television. Both Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell and former Democratic Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank have both been accused of passing gas during appearances on MSNBC.