Sea Turtle Makes Wild Escape From Jaws Of Shark Thanks To The Help Of Two Men

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: PopeTV/Tik Tok)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A sea turtle is lucky to be alive after narrowly escaping the jaws of a shark with the help of two men out fishing in the Bahamas.

We see footage of the turtle out there swimming around frantically with half of his body inside the mouth of the tiger shark, in video shared Thursday by TMZ. (RELATED: Australian Fisherman Remains Impressively Calm While Great White Shark Bites Off Piece Of Boat)

Check it out!

The turtle then appeared to plan his escape by swimming up to the fishing boat and trying to get away from the shark by jumping on the back of their boat. (RELATED: Gigantic Great White Shark Caught On Video By Fishermen)

But his initial attempt is foiled as he gets dragged out once again to the water where he tried to swim out of the shark’s jaws. (RELATED: 12-Foot Great White Shark Surprises Researcher When It Jumps Right Out Of The Water In ‘Wild’ Video)

At one point, we see and hear the two men discussing how they need to step in and help save the turtle.

“We got to rescue the turtle, we got to rescue the turtle,” one is heard stating.

The turtle then appeared to have managed to somehow get some space between him and the shark long enough for the one of the men to reach into the water and snatch him out.