Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Says Secretary Of State Has Not Ordered Signature Audit

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has not yet ordered a signature audit, saying by law Raffensperger is the only one in the state who can order it.

Kemp was interviewed on Fox News and asked about a signature audit, to which he put the blame on Raffensperger, saying he believes it should be done, but that it is not his decision. Kemp said this after a Senate Judiciary subcommittee heard new allegations of alleged election fraud in Fulton County, GA, with a videotape that alleges proof of ballots being counted without anyone watching.

“I called early on for a signature audit,” Kemp said. “Obviously, the secretary of state, per the laws and the [state] Constitution would have to order that and he has not done that.”

“I think it should be done. I think especially [given] what we saw today, it raises more questions,” Kemp continued.

Kemp first announced his support for a sample signature audit on Nov. 20 and reiterated his support on Nov. 24. Thursday night was Kemp’s third time calling for a signature audit.

Republican Georgia Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who face runoff elections in January, called on Raffensperger to resign over the management of the elections throughout the state on Nov. 9, saying they were unhappy with how votes had been counted. The two Senators told Raffensperger that illegal votes should not be counted and blamed him for not providing transparency on the elections.(RELATED: Georgia Senators Loeffler, Perdue Release Joint Statement Calling On GA Secretary Of State To Resign)

“There have been too many failures in Georgia elections this year and the most recent election has shined a national light on the problems. While blame certainly lies elsewhere as well, the buck ultimately stops with the Secretary of State. The mismanagement and lack of transparency from the Secretary of State is unacceptable. Honest elections are paramount to the foundation of our democracy. The Secretary of State has failed to deliver honest and transparent elections,” the statement said.

Loeffler will face Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock, in her runoff while Perdue faces a rematch against his Democratic challenger, Jon Ossoff.