Here’s What ‘Watchdog On Wall Street’ Host Chris Markowski Wishes Was Included In the Stimulus Package

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Chris Markowski, the founder of Markowski Investments, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the November jobs report, what he wishes was included in the stimulus package and more.

The U.S. jobs report was released Friday morning, showing 245,000 jobs were added in November and the unemployment rate dropped from 6.9 percent to 6.7 percent. Earlier this week, a $900 billion coronavirus stimulus package was introduced but does not include one component Markowski hoped it would. (RELATED: The Coronavirus Lockdowns Have Devastated This Group)

“It’s not as comprehensive as I’d like it to be in regards to protection for businesses from lawsuits,” Markowski, who is the host of ‘Watchdog on Wall Street,’ said. “I would like relief for people that have to declare bankruptcy.”

“If you have to shut down and you have to declare bankruptcy because the government forced you to,” he said, “I would want all of that information not on your permanent record. I don’t want it to affect your credit.”

Markowski also broke down the jobs report, one group having a difficult time being employed and more.


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