Surfer Attacked By Shark In Australia Manages To Swim To Shore, Walks 1000 Feet For Help

(Credit: Shutterstock Lewis Burnett)

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A surfer managed to swim to shore and walk to get help after being bitten by a shark in Australia.

The shark attack victim, identified as Dion Lynch, was surfing Sunday at D’Estrees Bay on Kangaroo Island when he was attacked by the shark, according to The Advertiser.

“It was a normal day’s surfing at D’Estrees Bay,” the surfer wrote in a statement to the outlet. “I was sitting on my board when I felt a hit on my left side- it was like being hit by a truck. It bit me around my back, buttock and elbow and took a chunk out of my board. I got a glimpse of the shark as it let go and disappeared.” (RELATED: Shark Believed To Be Around 18 Feet Long Attacks Kayaker In California)

Lynch was able to paddle to shore with his surfboard and walk 1,000 feet to ask for help after being bitten by the shark, the statement obtained by the outlet said. Another surfer drove Lynch halfway to the hospital, where they met up with the ambulance. Lynch believes he will make a full recovery.

“I want to thank all those involved in getting me to hospital, the awesome emergency services and medical staff and my family and friends for all their love and support,” the statement continued. “I’m feeling incredibly lucky and grateful and i’m optimistic I’ll make a full recovery.”

Australia has seen a rise in fatal shark attacks this year. There have been eight total, according to The New York Times. The last year with more than eight deaths due to shark attack in Australia was 1929. That year there were nine deaths. The average for the past decades has been one, according to the outlet.