‘Disgusting’: De Blasio Condemns Staten Island Bar Owner’s ‘Autonomous Zone’ Protest

REUTERS/Stefan Jeremiah

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said allegations against bar co-owner Danny Presti ramming a sheriff with his car were “extraordinarily disturbing,” The New York Post reported.

Presti is the co-owner of Staten Island’s “Autonomous Zone” bar in the city, according to the New York Post. RELATED: Undercover Cops Order Food Then Arrest Bar Owner For Defying NYC Indoor Dining Rules)

Presti reportedly drove into a sheriff’s sergeant after the sergeant tried arresting him for keeping his bar open despite COVID-19 restrictions.

As a result of driving his Jeep into New York City Sherrif Sergeant Kenneth Matos, Presti broke both of Matos’s legs in the incident, according to the Post.

“There’s no excuse for doing something that might threaten the life of a law enforcement officer,” de Blasio reportedly said about the incident.

A criminal complaint alleges Presti acted “intentionally and with depraved indifference to human life,” the Post reported.

As a result of the incident, Presti was charged Sunday with third-degree assault with intent to cause physical injury, reckless driving, resisting arrest, unlawfully fleeing a police officer and others, according to the New York Post.